When Should You Don Your SCBA Facepiece?


Currently our department doesn't have an SOP/SOG on file in regards to whether or not to mask up prior to arriving on scene to a fire. As it currently stands, we've had one person injured (newer to the department,) from being told to do this prior to exiting the fire apparatus. Some feel that it should be done, while others feel that it is a matter of safety to actually mask up just after exiting the fire apparatus once on scene.

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Marketing Fire and EMS: What’s your department’s brand?


The reality that's "hitting" home with many Fire & EMS organizations today, however, is that their citizens do have a choice.  In the current economic climate, where most local governments are having to make tough fiscal decisions, elected officials and their constituents are making "buy" or "no buy" decisions regarding the public safety services for their community. 

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Emotional marketing can make for better fire safety messages


You want someone in that pre-contemplation stage to suddenly go out and purchase four smoke alarms? You’re going to have to find ways to proverbially rip their heart out... go for the gut... make ‘em cry... get them laughing... none of which is accomplished by “it’s the law” or “your fire department wants you to...”

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What Fire Departments can Learn from Beer Ads – PART I


The reality is, those aren’t really the people we’re after. We’re after those that don’t have any working smoke or CO alarms, have kids but no home escape plan, or just don’t care/lack the knowledge about fire safety. We’re after those people, because they present the greatest and most imminent risk.

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Wildfires as a Tool for Terrorism


If we thought the high-jacking of airliners and flying them into buildings was “low tech” terrorism, I doubt we’ve seen nothing yet. We can rest assured that those terrorist elements that would do harm on U.S. soil are “taking notes” about the devastation being created by these intentionally set forest fires, the chaos being created in the local populations, and the stress on firefighting resources and other emergency response assets in those communities.

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